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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2519

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Yucca and Los Angeles Lights


Broadcasting Los Angeles


360-degree View Inside an Observatory


Casiopeia and the 60-inch Telescope


Peering Through the Universe


A Pioneering Telescope


Mt Wilson Telescope in Action


100 Years of Exploring the Heavens


Observing the Sky on Mount Wilson


Glancing at the Sky Through a Giant Telescope


Exploring the Night Sky on Mount Wilson


The 60-inch Telescope on Mt Wilson


100-inch Telescope on Mt Wilson


Milky Way Above Mt Wilson Observatory


Los Angeles Lights


Jupiter above Mount Wilson


Mt Wilson Observatory and Los Angeles


Mt Wilson Solar Tower


Milky Way and Salt Pans


Chapel and Shooting Star


Milky Way and Old Chapel


A Galaxy Rise


Galactic Center


Jupiter above Altiplano


Surreal Night Sky Panorama


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