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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2519

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Meteora Nightscape


Green Meteor and Giant Telescope


Distorted Sky


Star Trails over La Silla Observatory


Star Mirage


Stars above Tucson and Phoenix


Stumbling Meteor


Falling Star and Desert Observtory


Moonset over La Silla


Iridium Flare over Alamut Castle


Not A Meteor!


Dazzling Satellite Flare


Iridium Flares


Southern Celestial Gems over La Silla Observatory


The Galactic Bulge


La Silla Observatory at Night (360 Panorama)


Milky Way and Zodiacal Light (360 Panorama)


Milky Way and Asteroid Dust


From the Earth to the Sky


Mars and Mysterious Signs of Past


Left by the Ancients


La Silla Rock Art


La Silla Rock Art


Fisheye Night View of La Silla Petroglyph


Fisheye Night View of Atacama Rock Art


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