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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2519

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ALMA at the Break of Dawn


Orion and Nebula and ALMA Telescopes


ALMA Telescopes in 360-degree Panorama


New Moon and Radio Dishes


New Moon over ALMA Telescopes


Radio Dish and Carina Nebula


Imaging at 5000 Meters High


Under Altiplano Stunningly Starry Sky


Southern Cross & Carina Nebula Above ALMA


Mars and the Galaxy over Radio Telescopes


Southern Milky Way Above ALMA


The Galaxy over ALMA


An Astronomer, Without Borders


An Astronomer, Without Borders


Scorpion`s Head over an Imperial Castle


Moselle by Night


Moselle by Night


Stars Above an Imperial Castle


Cochem Castle at Night


Cochem Castle at Night


Flaring Satellite Above a Castle


Cochem at Night




Moon Hides Behind Cochem Castle


Castle and the Moon


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