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NightSky Gallery


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Drive to Vegas


Drive to Las Vegas


Lake of Fire


Southern Cross and Very Large Telescope


Giant Telescope and Large Magelanic Cloud


Reaching for Stars


Southern View of the Milky Way


The Southern Milky Way above Paranal Observatory


Stunning Night Sky of Atacama Desert


Telescopes in the Atacama


Cerro Paranal Sunset


Downtown Galaxy


Milky Way above Paranal


The Milky Way above Cerro Paranal


Now and Future of Observational Astronomy


The Very Large Telescope


Southern Sky Gems


Carina Nebula and the Very Large Telescope


Southern Gems over Atacama


Orion Nebula and the Horsehead


Octans and the South Celestial Pole


Milky Way above Paranal


Atacama Drive


The Joy of Stargazing


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