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Monuments Gallery


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The Buddha, Ayutthaya , Thailand


Visiting Ayutthaya park, Thailand


Beautiful Thailand


Wat Phra Sri Sanpetch, Ayutthaya park, Thailand


Rainy day in Ayutthaya, Thailand


Ayutthaya national park, Thailand


Normandy Night


Miramare Evening


The Blue Sky and Orange Castle


Friuli Night


Belt of Orion and Historic Tower


Light play on Alamoot Rock


Clearing weather over Garni temple, Armenia


Circumpolar stars at Geghard, Armenia


Nima's Night


Golden Morning light


Desert Panorama


Haraz road, Mazandaran


Milad Tower panorama, Tehran


History in B&W


Esfahan conjuction


Deserted caravansara


Panoramic view of history


B&W history


Stone Age Night


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