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Monuments Gallery


Total Photos:  1196

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Sunset Petroglyph


Deer and Hunter


Prehistoric Giant


Horse and Camal


Persian Deers in Prehistory


Teimareh at Night


Rock Art


Horseman and Predators


The Valley of Stone Age


Abyaneh at Dusk


Sar Yazd Gate


Yazd Colors


Abarkuh Architecture


Abarkuh Jame Mosque


Abarkuh Tower


The Traditional Village


Winter Stars Above Sasan Palace


The Ring of the King


Apadana Sunset


The King


Milad Tower in Tehran, city of Light Pollution


Deserted landmarks, Aghda, Yazd


Graphical landscape, Aghda, Yazd


An old traditional bathroom! Esfahan desert


Moonset near deserted caravansary, Esfahan


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