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Monuments Gallery


Total Photos:  1196

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Kharanagh village, general view


Deserted fields near Aghda, Yazd


Rainy day in Persepolis, Fars


Persepolis details in B&W


Ernan Petroglyph


Ernan Petroglyph


Peaceful Village


Shavaz Fortress


The Shrine


Tehran in New Year Eve


Tehran Before Nowruz Celebration


Heavenly Gate


Stay Traditional in Yazd


Desert House


Colors of the Mosque


Yazd Bazaar


Patterns in Yazd


Winter Stars over Sasanid Palace


Sacre-Coeur Sunset


Alone on Haraz road


A window to Heaven


Orion sets in Moonlight


Deserted Caravansary near Natanz


Caravansary near Natanz, Esfahan


The Burnt City


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