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Monuments Gallery


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Group photo of amateur astronomers


Palace of Bahram


Paris in the early morning


Trocardero, Paris


B&W Paris


Jewllery village


Made like caves


In a Shepherds Halt


Night at a cave house


Church of Shiraz, general view inside


An old door, Shahan-dasht


Emamzadeh Hamzeh, Haraz road


Heavenly lighting, Yazd


Tile-works of Jome mosque, Yazd


Taj Mahal and Yamuna River


Inside of "Soltan" building, outside of Yazd


Spending a night at the Saryazd castle


Last sunlight on the Lonely Gate, Saryazd


B&W Yazd


Details of the main door of Jome mosque, Yazd


Lonely gate of SarYazd at sunset, Yazd


Remnants of an old city called SarYazd


Inside Jome masque, Yazd


"Soltan" historical building, around Yazd


Old church of Shiraz


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