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Monuments Gallery


Total Photos:  1196

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Lonely Gate, Saryazd


Old Armenia


Dokhtar castle


Potsdam Observatories


Berlin Cathedral


Radkan tower


Vaneh stone relief


Nurabad Tower


Northern Stars and the fire temple


Orion over Bahram Palace


Nima Yushij


The face


Schwerin castle


Gravestones in snow, Saint Tadeus Cathedral


Hafeziye ( Hafez Garden ), Shiraz, Fars


Inside Taj Mahal


Saint Tadeus Details


Christian Armenia


Reaching to the light


Pasargad conjunction


Colorfull House


The night at Chatedral


Persepolis Relief


Ceiling paitings of Shazdeh Ebrahim, Kashan


Saint Tadeus Cathedral at dawn, W.Azarbayjan


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