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A Paradise by Day & Night   -  By: Babak A. Tafreshi

I have imaged nightscapes since early 90s, explored the 7 continents seeking starry skies and natural beauties of night. Of all the stargazing destinations I have been to, La Palma has been the most favorite for elegant beauty both in day and night. It is not only a dream Canary island for hikers, also the stargazing paradise of Europe. On the top of the island at the edge of Caldera de Taburiente (2400m/8000ft) you are usually above a sea of clouds and under an ocean of stars. The view to both the earth and the sky is extremely dramatic. The peak is also home to a major observatory with a dozen of research telescopes. I have been many times on the island to do an annual week-long workshop and photo tour called Astromaster on nightscape astrophotography and timelapse with both serious amateur and professional photographers attending from all across the globe.
Sound track is a courtesy of Ali Raini & Max Noizefield of Tonelabs studio.


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