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Altiplano Night   -  By: Babak A. Tafreshi

The Milky Way roars in the sky and reflected on the Earth waters, photographed in northern Chile highlands (altiplano) near San Pedro de Atacama. A cold crystal clear night at 4500m (~ 15000ft) high at the bank of a river and with a volcano in the far horizon. This place is a bathing area for wild llamas in day time. The image is a panorama of 3 single exposure. Its impressive how deep the new cameras (Nikon D810A) equipped with a portable tracking mount (Polarie) can reach in a single exposure. The faint diffuse Gegenschein (part of the zodiacal light) is very clear on the upper left, as well as the large purple-red emission nebula Sharpless 2-27, centered around star Zeta Ophiuchi, more than twenty Moon diameters wide.


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