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Polarie Star Tracker (motion)   -  By: Babak A. Tafreshi

A video tutorial on Polarie, the most compact star tracking mount made for sky photographers, made by Vixen in Japan. Earth and sky photography is becoming very popular and practical for wider range of people around the world. Some photographers use their camera on a fixed tripod for short exposures of night sky. Some others who aim for faint objects in the sky use tracking mounts. Those mounts could be from large equatorial mounts designed for large telescopes to smallest portable star trackers like Polarie, which is as an accessory for DSLR cameras and can be used and taken by a photographer to anywhere during a trip. The hand-size star tracker also works as a panning device in timelapse videos. Production team: Babak Tafreshi and Christoph Malin. Music by Ali Raini & Max Pfetscher (tonelabs.com). The tutorial is also made in German and French.


    Item Code: 104373

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