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The Roof of the Middle East   -  By: Babak A. Tafreshi

Iran is a mountainous country. One of my favorite mountains on the planet is Mt Damavand, an impressive symmetrical volcano in the Alborz Mountains. At about 5670 meters (~18600ft) high it is the highest peak in the Middle East. The color contrast on this mid-night view was fantastic. The moonlit snow-covered volcano and the road-lit cliff, illuminated by passing cars on Haraz road connecting Tehran to the Caspian Sea. As I was framing the image the cliff resembled a transect that reveals the magma underneath the mountain. Damavand is a live volcano but has been silent for thousands of years.
On the image right bright star Deneb in Cygnus is visible. On the left is the light dome of Tehran about 70 km away.


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