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Milky Way From the End of the World   -  By: Babak A. Tafreshi

Our home galaxy of 200 billion stars, stands above the Earth horizon, as seen from the Assekrem Mountain in central African Sahara (southern Algeria) near to tropic of Cancer. The Assekrem peak, as the main proposed site for Algerian National Observatory, is one of the highest in Hoggar Mountains with an exceptional overview to many giant volcanic cliffs which raised from the desert. Assekrem, means "the End of the World" in the old Saharan Taureg language, is known as one of the most scenic area of Sahara but it is also famous as the point where the priest le Père de Foucauld lived in the summer of 1905 and there are still several European priests who are living here in the middle of Sahara. The orange light behind the observer comes from the oasis town of Tamanrasset some 80km away.


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