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People Gallery


Total Photos:  276

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Night of Desert People


Enjoying the Sky of Brazilian Coast




Relaxing under starry sky


Young shepard, jungles near Ghaemshahr, Mazandaran


Astronomy Class


Sky Watchers


Venice at Night


Face of a woman, Alamoot vally, Heer village


Torkman Nomads, Gorgan


Portrait of Naneh Robabeh, Aeen village, Alamoot


Gazing st Stars


Couples Dream


Messier Marathon




Sharing the view


Investigating the Petrogliefs


Sharing the view, Shahrekord suburbs


Returning from fields, Atan, Alamoot


Two generations 300 year apart


Chaleshtor guy, Shahrekord


Passed years


Bakhtiari portrait, Chaleshtor, Near Shahrekord


No Sale!


Shepard and Moon, Lasom road, Mazandaran


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