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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2519

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Haleakala High Altitude Observatory


Advanced Technology Solar Telescope


Thundering Nature


Stars Above a Supercell


Thunderstorm & the Galaxy


Night Panorama from Haleakala


Mountain-top Observatory




Laser World


Adaptive Optics


Twin Keck Telescopes


Exploring the Universe


Maunakea in Fulldome


Taureg Night


Galaxy in a Pitch-Black Sahara Night


Planets in Sahara Morning


Venus in Sahara Morning


Sahara at the Break of Dawn


A Dark Sahara Night


Sand Dunes Milky Way


Southern Algeria at Night


Sahara Moonlit Night in Fulldome


Sahara by Moonlight


A Moonlit Night of Tassili


Sahara Prehistoric Cave


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