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Nature Gallery


Total Photos:  1653

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First autumn trip to Haraz road


Yosemite Night




Shadow play, Saad-Abad palace, Tehran


In the greens...


Delicate sunrise, Andej, Alamoot valley


Summer view of Alamoot castle


Andej village, Alamoot valley


Posing for a autumn shot!


Promising weather for night long photography


Summer night


Star Trails Above Alamut


Night at sunflowers


Star trails over Alamoot rock


Alamoot rock at sunrise


Gazorkhan village, Alamoot


Misty Spring in Alamoot


Sun hitting agricultural lands in Alamoot


Alborz mountain range


Kahar valley viewed from 3000 meter altitude


On the way to Kahar peak, Alborz mountains


Florence gardens


Lovely evening of Pisa


Maranjab desert


Sand desert


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