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On the way to Namche-Bazar, Nepal


Eye catching bright star Sirius


A calm night in Bakhtapur


Bakhtapur night view, Nepal


Panuti view at night


Night of Budha


Mistic Himalaya


Faces of Nepal 2


Monkeys temple, Kathmandu


Faces of Nepal 1


Vertical panorama in the Himalaya


Meteors over Panuti temples


Orion traces over Himalayan landscape


Star trails over Stupa


Himalaya star trails


Venus and Orion greetings, Firouzkuh


Clearing weather over Garni temple, Armenia


light our home


Alamoot sunshine


History in B&W


B&W history


Mount Damavand view from Abasak


Petrogliefs, central Iran


Two generations 300 year apart


Bakhtiari portrait, Chaleshtor, Near Shahrekord


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