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Total Photos:  202

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Touch the Sky


Me&Siavash, Andej, Alamoot


Relaxing before sunset, Gazor-Khan village


A short rest on the way to Kahar peak


Macrophotography in Rineh


Iran night sky exhibition in Aiello, Italy


Behind sundials


Standing on the top of Alamout castle


Dream View photographers exhibition in France


Dream View photographers' exhibition in France


Relaxing nature...


Don't take anything but photos in nature


Sunrise, Rineh


Hassanjoun village, Taleghan


Light is not so bad.....!


Vesine , suburbs of Paris


Me, Vesine region, suburbs of Paris, 2006


latest trip to poloor


Me, Shahan-dasht village


Before breakfast, Kharaghan towers


Me, Milad tower, Tehran


My favorite location...


During a trip tp Alamoot


looking for the next shot, on the way to Spain


Comparsion between 2 towers!


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