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La Silla Full Dome   -  By: Babak A. Tafreshi

An all-sly fisheye view (fulldome) of the night sky over La Silla Observatory, operated by the European Southern Observatory (ESO). It sits at about 2400 metres above sea level on the outskirts of the Chilean Atacama Desert. La Silla was ESO’s first observatory, inaugurated in 1969. The closest dome (bottom) is the 1.5 meter Danish National Telescope. The Milky Way appears over the southwest (lower left) and northeast (upper right) with the bright galactic central bulge overhead. Venus and the vertically elongated faint glow of zodiacal light are above the domes at top. The Large and Small Magellanic Clouds are on the left (south) next to the light dome of La Serena, the closest city at about 90 km direct distance. Mars is next to the Danish telescope, and the second brightest object in this view, after Venus. The green light near the horizon, specially over the south, is airglow; natural emission of the Earth upper atmosphere.


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