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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2487

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Video Clip

Geminid Meteor Shower in Motion


Video Clip

Atacama Starry Nights


Video Clip

Cosmic Motion above Magic Telescopes


Video Clip

Moonset on the Mountain Road


Video Clip

Comet and the Northern Lights (motion)


Video Clip

Astronomers Paradise


Video Clip

Sky Gazers


Video Clip

Eclipse in Motion


Big Dipper and Magic Telescope


Video Clip

Setting Moon and William Herschel Telescope


Video Clip

A Tumbling Satellite


Twins and Half Dome


Gemini Over Half Dome


North America Nebula over Grand Canyon


Starry Night of Grand Canyon


Lightning and Stars over Lake Powell


A Starry Night of Kitt Peak


Milky Way over Kitt Peak


Fjord Aurora


Stargazing in Doha




Canis Major, the Great Dog


Sirius over Zabriskie Point


Stars over Tucson


Stars over Tucson


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