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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  1908

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A calm night of Spring, Alamoot valley


Milky Way at Jupiter rise, Alamoot valley


Night of Blossoms, Alamoot valley


Alamoot midnight landscape


Clearing weather over Garni temple, Armenia


Gate to the stars


Circumpolar stars at Geghard, Armenia


Colorfull dawn on Damavand


Snow crystals


Happy Spring to all the World


star rise, Alamoot


4 hours of star trails, Alamoot


Late winter nightscape


Moonlight Winter stars


Canis Major




Emamzadeh Cresent Moon


Alamoot Milky Way


Dawn at Baladeh


Baladeh night


Baladeh stars rise


Nima's Night


Milky Way Red


Glorious Milky Way, Baladeh, Mazandaran


Winter Milky Way vertical


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