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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2227

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Our View to the Galaxy


Stars Above El Capitan


Moonlit Yosemite


Yosemite Valley at the Break of Dawn


A Fall Nightscape


Yosemite Night Panorama


Orion and Sirius Above Golden Aspens


Reflections in Moonlight


Orion and Sirius Above Golden Aspens


A Starry Paradise


Fall Colors in Moonlight


Celestial Bears and Fall Colors


Orion and Jupiter


Yosemite, Horizon to Horizon


Yosemite Fisheye


Yosemite Fulldome


Life in the Galaxy


Moonlight Walk


Stars Above Golden Trees


Sentinel Stars


Yosemite in Moonlight


Yosemite Nightscape


Yosemite Night Panorama


A Starry Autumn Night


Reaching for the Stars


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