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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2440

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Solstice Strawberry Moon


Urban Stargazing


Twilight Winterscape


Celestial Triangle


Moon and Planets in a Winter Morning


Volcano, Moonrise, and Galaxy


Camp Under the Milky Way


Atacama Mysteries


Llama Ancient Rock Art


Moon, Clouds, and Milky Way


Desert River at Dusk


Winding Road in Moonlight


Desert Road in Moonlight




Obsevatory from Distance


Exploring the Cosmos


Technology Abstract


Moon, Pleiades, and ALMA Transporter


Transporter at Dusk


Moon and Earthshine from ALMA


Stargazing in Maine, New England


Video Clip

Aurora Crown


Video Clip

A Paradise by Day & Night


Desert, Moonlight, Fireball


Desert Shooting Star


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