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NightSky Gallery


Total Photos:  2490

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Rays Across the Sky


Kilimanjaro Spectacular Sunrise Show


Rays, Moon, and Venus


Cerro Tololo Trails


Star Mirage


Constellations Above Himalayas


Yosemite Meteor Shower (photo composite)


New Moon and Clock Tower


New Moon and Mercury


Vivid Dusk Colors Above ALMA Telescopes


Chajnantor Red Dusk


On the Way to Pico


Worlds Apart


Seagull Dream


Coal-fired Power Station at Night


Colorado River in Evening Twilight


We Are All Stardust


Night Sky Photographers


El Capitan Shooting Star


Fireball Above Yosemite Valley


Yosemite Fireball


August Meteor Shower


The Story of Civilization


Signs of the Past


Space, Our Origin & Future


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